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  1. Hi Sean sorry to see you go, you’ve become an institution on here so take care and stay safe.
    Please keep us informed of your outings on the London Loop, I’ve bought the guide book and intend to follow the route once this pandemic subsides.
    Best wishes Steve Cambridge.

    • Once lockdown is over I’m hoping to get straight out there and make up for lost time. I’ve also got an interview lined up with a famous walker if all goes according to plan.

      • We will be sorry to see you go but fully understand the reasoning behind this difficult decision. Refocus, restructure and regenerate during your shutdown time. Everyone needs a time to do so in their lives. When you are ready to come back to public life, you will be welcomed with open arms. Only you will know if and when this will happen. You must choose what is right for your life at present.
        We appreciate all you have shared these many years and allowing us into this small part of your life.
        Cloverleaf Gardens, USA

  2. I think the same as Steve Kaye, you have become a gardening institution but vlogging every week can take its toll and sometimes you need time out. Will miss you but you must follow your heart and I know all of your followers will look forward to updates on what your at. I also liked watching your walking vlogs and shall look out for the next instalment of the London loop. I’m not a city person so I find it all interesting that there are walks like this around such a big city. Stay safe Sean and look after yourself and hopefully we will see you soon…take care.x

    • Many thanks Sandra. Hopefully it won’t be long until lockdown is lifted. Sign up to the notification on the right hand side and you won’t miss a thing.

  3. Keep safe, hope to see your videos in the near future when you are ready xx

  4. Gutted, Sean! Your videos are always the first ones I look for on my long subscription list! I’ll sign up to your newsletter and I wish you a peaceful period away from social media. I think it does is all good to have a break from it sometimes.

  5. Take good care of yourself Sean. 🙂 Enjoy your garden for you 🙂 Social media can be a double edge sword sometimes. Enjoy the peace. Lots of love from across the pond.

  6. I will miss your videos Sean but will be reading your blog. It is really hard to do videos every week. I wish you all the best in whatever you do and wherever you go.
    Take care

  7. Your videos will be so very missed. But your happiness and peace of mind must come first. As well as income needs. I am so grateful you will still be in touch via your blog as you have become like family to me. You had mentioned that your mailing address at the p.o. box was only valid through Easter of this year. Do you have a current post office box address where cards or letters can be sent? Wishing you much love and health and a fresh breath of air in life while you take this break from youtube.

  8. Take it easy m8

  9. Nick’s Allotment Diary

    Totally understand why you need a break from Social Media. Have a great rest and hopefully you’ll feel able to come back in the future. Take care

  10. I totally understand. I’m unable to get into my plot due to the lock down as well so I’m stuck in with growing what I can in pots at home, shifting them as the sun moves. Hoping it’s not long before all is back up and running again and I’m looking forward to the interviews you’re lining up. Stay safe, dear friend.

  11. You have been my first “go to” each morning Sean. I’ll miss like crazy watching your allotment work, ready your updates. I do understand the necessity to get off social networks, too much depressing things . I hope to see you back someday. Your friend from across the pond. Debbie Hersko

  12. Best wishes on your new journey! Ontario Canada 🐝

  13. Blessings from Croatia, take care 🙂

  14. Hey Sean, I hope you have plenty of teabags in the shed for your break 🙂.
    Will really miss the allotment updates after all these years but look forward to photos on the blog. Take as long as it takes, that’s all that matters. Cheers ☕️ Linda B x

  15. Have really enjoyed your videos Sean and will miss them but fully understand why you need a break. Look forward to reading your blog. Hadn’t known of the London Loop and hope to hear more of that. Definitely don’t give up the allotment. It is a moment of sanity in this mad world, plus think of the lovely fresh veg you would miss. Good luck in whatever path you decide to take.

  16. I first found you when you went to Chilton and have been watching ever since. Good luck and blessings on your next adventure

  17. Love to watch your blogging gutted you are stopping look forward to seeing you again enjoy your break and don’t leave it to long lol good luck

  18. Hope all is well with you , missing your youtubes , but I know it must be a weight off your shoulders ! Enjoy the Summer ,be positive cheerful and good health to you to .Let us know when you’re back ! 🙂

  19. All the best Sean, thanks for all the vids, Time to recharge those batteries. See you again.

  20. Take good care of yourself Sean, follow your dreams wherever they may lead.

  21. Looking forward to reading and watching the updates from the website. The break will do you good and you will grow stronger for it. You are an excellent vlogger and I will be pleased the day you feel its right to start again, stay happy and wishing you all the best.

  22. Take care, will look forward to the next time you put up your gardening videos

  23. Take care, look forward to your next video

  24. Hi Sean, I really mean it. Come down to Herne Bay for a breath of fresh air when we’re let out of lockdown. Lovely ice cream down here! Love to meet you and take you around. I’m retired so times my own.

  25. Hi Sean, enjoy the break. I may see you on your rambling trips as you have inspired me to get on with it once lockdown has been completely lifted. Take care fella and have a great summer. I shall look forward to reading your blog posts and thank you for all the wonderful videos you have published. Rebecca

  26. Hope to see you again soon Sean 😊👍

  27. Sad to see you go, but what makes you feel is right for you at the moment is the right thing to do. I am going to miss watching your channel. I have signed up for your blog and look forward to see how you are getting on. Good luck and take care.

  28. Hello Shaun you really kept me going during the lockdown and will miss your videos very much. Sometimes it is difficult for someone like you to know the good that you do as you are behind the camera. You have so much talent you must not let this go for ever. Come back and we will support you once again. If you need a subscription to keep you going you never know you only have to ask. Crowd Funding is a good way to keep your funds going look into it.;
    Best Wishes Colin

  29. Hi Sean, Colin Lambert has said what i wanted to say. I’m grateful too for all you have posted including your raw footage! I will keep my fingers crossed that you don’t give up gardening on the plot but that you re-find yourself through the soil instead of the lens . It must be hard when your work on the land has to be interrupted to make films for us. As much as I will miss them and miss your voice even more , this isn’t about us, the audience , but about making you feel happier . good luck with finding an income stream too. Dee

  30. So sorry you wont be there for a while Sean, have a good rest.

  31. You Tube won’t be the same without you. Sometimes you just need a break to recharge and refresh. Best of luck to you.

  32. Best wishes to you Sean. Do you. Have a holiday. Like someone mentioned, I hope you go back to Wales and just chill for while, it may be just what your soul needs. See you again soon. oxo

  33. Going to miss you my friend. You’ve been like a best friend to me for years now. A real companion. God bless you. And your in my heart my friend. Love… Paul

  34. Hi Sean: I have followed your youtube channel, and your advice, for most of these 12 years. I have truly loved all your videos and have told all my gardening friends about it. Your work is professional, genial, and engaging. I have learned so much from you, and I so enjoy your chats and all your guests, including the feline ones. I have followed up by buying books that you have suggested. I hope that your time of reflection is fruitful and brings you self-understanding and peace. Thank you so much for being a part of my life for over a decade, and I wish you all the best. I hope to see you again before too long, either on your youtube channel, or perhaps as a result of a new idea that comes to you during the coming days. Take care, and all the best. – Bonnie

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