Month: June 2020

Adventurous Day Out to Garden Centre

Thought I would pop to the garden centre to buy a few plants. Check out my blog to watch what plants I bought

Garden Centre Haul

New flower plants and shrubs are planted. For life outside the allotment garden subscribe at Support this channel

Monthly Tour for June, Year 3

Time for a walk around the allotment garden to see how it has developed during June Year 3. Also check out typical gardening tasks for July June tour for last year Wild Flower video from The Bald Explorer

How I’ve lifted my depression without drugs

I slowly open my eyes as I'm woken by the sound of a rather noisy black bird singing outside my bedroom window, leaving the window slightly open overnight has only contributed to the volume. Within seconds I'm fully awake and decided that I may as well get out of bed and make a cuppa tea. As the kettle boils I notice the time on the ...

Planting a Sugar Maple

It will take quite a few years but the hope is that one day I can tap my own maple syrup, am also looking forward to seeing the colours during Autumn - see below.

Rusty the Allotment Cat

Lockdown – First day of new normal?

Quick dash to the high street for some shopping on the first day when shops are allowed to reopen. Find me on facebook at and on Instagram at

No Dig beds created June 2020

How I created my No Dig Gardening beds

This is the area I'll be using for No Dig Gardening. We haven't had any rain for the past 3 months here in London and this has resulted in the earth being extremely hard to penetrate. Not wanting to lose any growing time I thought I would turn an area of the garden over to 'no dig'. Nearly 10 years ago ...

12 Years on YouTube

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