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Burst of Colour and Planting Out

In the Vegepod the seedlings that were sown only a week ago have already appeared due to the extra heat provided by having the cover on. The sweetcorn seeds are doing well having been sown on May 6, the variety Honeydew Improved.

According to recent research by Which? Gardening magazine, you get better results if you plant through weed suppressant membrane. Bearing this in mind I plant the sweetcorn as they instructed. This will help keep the weeds at bay while adding moisture to the plants.

In between rain showers I fill the Vegepod with perlite. By adding perlite to the base of the tray this gives a protective layer between the water reservoir in the base and the compost. If you didn’t use perlite the compost would constantly be damp and after a short space of time, green algae would start appearing on the top of the compost – no good for seedlings or plants. Compost is then placed on top of the perlite. Once this was complete I planted Sweet Peppers because they love a bit of extra heat. Next to them I planted Garlic Chives and Melon v. Esmeralda.

Later in the week on returning to the allotment, I was pleased to see so much colour. California Poppies, Common Mallow and Lupins were flowering, there was even a bonus of a handful of Strawberries.

Last Autumn a neighbour offered some cuttings of her Rose, remembering that I had remarked how beautiful it was in the Summer. Sadly she doesn’t know the variety but it must have been popular because lots of local gardens have it growing.

Freesia give little success when grown from bulbs but back in the Spring I was seduced into purchasing a packet when they were marked £1. To be sure of success it’s always better to grow Freesias ‘in-the-green’, same as Snowdrops. Buy them after they have flowered and plant straight away for flowers the following year.

There’s always time for a cuppa tea.
Goldfinches are so colourful and interesting to watch.

Recently lots of plotholders have remarked on how many Leggless Lizards they have seen this year.

In the post arrived a parcel care of blog supporter Donna in Canada. Thank you Donna for your kind gift and cards. Donna sent me a selection of heritage seeds which included the Harry Dodson favourite Pea, v. Ne Plus Ultra. I sowed them all and looking forward to see what comes of them.

Well that’s it for now. It’s time for a cuppa tea. See you next time, Sean.

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