How to Make Elderflower Champagne

A simply and quick way to make your own elderflower champagne. A lovely drink it is. To make elderflower champagne you will be about a…

Downsizing the Allotment – Progress this week (#1)

Quick update on the progress of downsizing the allotment.

Time to give up an allotment

Time to face some hard facts.

England Lockdown Restrictions Slowly Lifting – Lockdown 2021

England Lockdown Restrictions Slowly Lifting – Lockdown 2021. Going shopping to my local high street on the first day of the new normal – Monday…

Copper discourages slugs and snails in the garden

Copper discourages slugs and snails in the garden, a discussion with Jane Cobbard of

Preparing for moving home – decluttering the shed

Day decluttering the home shed and thoughts about the future. Any items still usable I donated to the allotment site next door. Recycle rather than…

April Walk Around The Garden

Time for our regular walk around the garden at the start of April and my new technique of planting Spring bulbs. In Search of The…

How to Transfer VHS Tapes to Digital Files

A simple guide on how I transfer my old VHS tapes to digital format. VHS to Digital Convertor​ Scart Plug​ Motorised VHS-C Compact…

Beechgrove Garden returns to BBC Two

The popular gardening show based in Scotland returns to television screens on Sunday 4 April at 9:30am on BBC Two. The series has also returned…

Sowing Seeds Galore!

It’s been a busy week of seed sowing this week. Biodynamic principles are that you sow seeds in the 7 days prior to a Full…

A slow start – fiery end

Lots of people making the most of blue skies and a little warmth. I made the mistake of going to collect lunch first which made me somewhat lackluster for the next few hours.

Living off-grid in a cabin

Living off-grid in a cabin in the woods and eating my own homegrown food is something I realised I wanted to do at the start of lockdown.