A slow start – fiery end

Arriving mid-morning the allotment site was quite busy. Lots of people making the most of blue skies and a little warmth. I made the mistake of going to collect lunch first which made me somewhat lackluster for the next few hours. So it wasn’t until mid-afternoon that I finally started to get on. The task today was to take everything out of the Potting Shed and make it ready for the season ahead. Whilst doing so I did an Instagram live video…


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The Magnolia, v. Stellata, has started flowering and it’s great to see. Once the shed was cleaned and everything put back in, but now in some order, I started cleaning the space next to the Potting Shed. This is where I’ve always intended a compost toilet to go.

Recently I was given some old fencing panels so decided to cut one of these into two and use as the main walls. By now the light was quickly fading into darkness so I did as much as I could before returning to the tea shed. As I sat drinking my cup of tea I reflected on my thoughts of living off-grid and in my own cabin. It was this which spurred me on to get the compost toilet in order and it’s how I’m going to look at the garden from now on, a sort of trial run on making the best of what I’ve got.

Spending time chatting with a few plot holders around their fire pit, all socially distanced, it was now well past 7pm. I returned to my shed for one final cup of tea as my solar powered lights lit the shed up and a flick through some old gardening books. By now it was 7:45pm so I headed for the gate and home.



  1. Sunday 28 March 2021 / 9:31 am

    I lived comfortably ‘off grid’ for twenty years, albeit that was in Greece where there are considerably more daylight hours. There, 4 P.V. Panels provided more than adequate power to run a water pump which swerved two kitchen sinks with ‘on-demand’ taps, two bathrooms, one with a shower the other with a bath, two flushing W.C.s, lighting in 9 rooms and on two terraces. Fresh water siphoned from a well 500 metres away and slightly above the house. The panels also provided charging power for a cell phone, computer and various ‘cordless’ gadgets; drill, hand liquidiser, radio etcetera. After several years running a 220v system, I converted to 12v which, as the inverter used a lot of the generated electricity, was far more reliable.

  2. Susan C Mill
    Sunday 28 March 2021 / 5:07 pm

    I enjoyed the video. Still battling frozen ground and too b—– cold here in Nova Scotia.

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