What to do on the Allotment Garden in June

In a traditional weather year the last frosts should be gone by now but it’s always good to keep an eye on the local forecast just in case. A busy month of sowing and watering but spare a few moments to turn your mind towards what crops you’d like to eat during Winter as we’ll be sowing those next month.

What can be sown

Beetroot, Kohl Rabi, Lettuce, Winter Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbages, Cauliflowers, Celeriac, Courgettes, Cucumbers, Runner Beans, French Beans, Leeks, Pumpkins, Squashes, Sweetcorn, Tomatoes.

For a beautiful scent which comes around in the evening, sow Night Scented Stock.

Pinch out side-shoots on cordon tomatoes and make sure the main stem is supported well.

Thin young fruit on fruit trees to improve the harvest and quality.

Pinch out tips of new growth on fig trees towards the end of June once the shoots have 5 leaves.

Harvest broad beans, early potatoes, radish, salad onions and salad leaves.

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