Wooden Patio is down

May 2021

Today I managed to dig out some soil in front of the shed and put the wooden patio down. Inside the shed I’ve also put a rocking chair which I saved from going out into a skip. It needed a bit of fixing but didn’t take long to complete. So on the summer evenings I can sway on the patio enjoying the sights and sounds.

The soil removed from the front of the shed was thrown in front of the compost area. This will be used to raise the level of the ground here and to level it at the same time.

Doing a little and doing it often is slowing making progress. Still waiting for my seeds to arrive.

May 2021: Rocking chair saved from going into a skip.
Side view of the shed.

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  1. Always enjoy your videos.

  2. Paul Cockerill

    Nice rocker!

  3. Very good Sean, love the chair ..

  4. Barbara Davidson

    Looks good. Loving the chair. Be good with a cuppa tea and biscuits.

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