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A warning to Females

A good deal of excitement was caused at Treherbert by the report that a fire had taken place at a dwelling-house occupied by Mrs. Jones, in a row at Treherbert, on the 26th.

It appears that one of the mountain straw beds was placed on the floor in front of a fire upon which the sparkling steam coal was at the time burning, and it is supposed that a spark from the fire fell upon the bed, which ignited, and ultimately became large flames, filling the room with smoke, and had it not been that assistance was given, the conflagration would have resulted in the burning of several houses.

Sergeant Wise and P.C. King were soon on the spot, and through their exertions, the fire was soon extinguished, but not without burning several things. There is a general practice with females throughout this valley to leave a quantity of collars, clothes at night about the fire places. This may act as a warning to them.

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