A series of incidents almost culminating in a murder and suicide, occurred at Penyrenglyn, Treherbert, in the early hours of Saturday morning, and the surrounding districts were thrown into a state of considerable excitement when the story of the sensational affair became known.

The facts, briefly stated, are that Benjamin Protheroe, age 38, a rider employed in Ynysfeio Colliery, and residing at 39 Baglan Street, Penyrenglyn, Treherbert, attacked his wife with a pruning knife, and nearly succeeded in murdering her, cutting her throat, and otherwise injuring her then jumped from an upstairs window to the pavement, a depth of about 16ft.; was taken charge of by three coloured men, who handed him over to Mr Ivor Thomas, the boxer, and that Protheroe (while Thomas went to see the extent of the tragedy in Prothero’s own house) hacked his own throat in Thomas’s house, and would probably have succeeded in commiting suicide if Thomas had not returned and wreached the knife from him.

Mrs Prothero lies in a precarious condition at their residence in Treherbert, but was somewhat better on Sunday; Prothero is in Cardiff Infirmary, but in police custody.

It seems from what can now be gleaned that, after getting up between four and five o’clock in the morning, Prothero attacked his wife furiously with a knife, hacking at her throat until she became covered with blood. Mrs Lewis, who lives in apartments with the Protheros, heard screams, rushed to the room and saw the terrible struggle. She shouted to him to stop, and Prothero retorted by shouting, “Go out or I’ll kill you.”

She rushed out, in her nightdress, threw stones at the window of the next house, and thus drew the attention of Ivor Thomas, who promptly went to the rescue. Thomas rushed into Prothero’s house through the back door. The unfortunate victim of the onslaught was then lying in the kitchen, the husband, it is said having apparently, thrown her downstairs from the bedroom, and she had, apparently, broken her thigh.

The banisters, which she had clutched in her descent in trying to save herself, were covered with blood and fingermarks. Seeing Thomas, she said, “Oh, Ivor, he has nearly killed me.” Thomas then called upstairs to Protheroe, who appears to have jumped from a window into the street, leaving the window stained with blood.

Thomas rushed out of the front door to give chase, but found that he had been forestalled, as Protheroe had been seized by three coloured men and a white man whilst he was mounting the railings in front of his house. Noticing his strange appearance they took him in charge, and, Thomas arriving on the scene, he took Protheroe to his (Thomas’s) own house, leaving him there. Not knowing the full extent of the tragedy at Protheroe’s home, Thomas left for the purpose of seeing what had really happened to the unfortunate wife and children.

He had just turned to go when Thomas’s lodger called after him, saying, “He has taken your carving knife to kill himself.” Thomas turning round saw the man madly gashing himself in his throat, inflicting a fearful wound, cutting right through the larynx.

Before being able to complete the attempt to destroy himself, however, he was stopped in the nick of time by Thomas. A desperate struggle ensued, but Thomas ultimately succeeded in taking the knife from him, and kept him there while messengers were being sent for the police and medical assistance.

Mrs Protheroe is a native of St. David’s, being a daughter of William Lewis, formerly the coachman and gardener of the late Dean Allen.

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