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May, 1915

  • 22 May

    Dumfries Street Fire

      On Wednesday an outbreak of fire occurred at the house of Mrs Jones, Dumfries Street, Treherbert, but was speedily extinguished. Two children in the house at the time escaped unhurt, thanks to the prompt action taken by the neighbours.

January, 1914

  • 17 January

    Fire at New Conservative Club

    Treherbert. In the early hours of Monday morning, an outbreak of fire was discovered in the chess room of the New Conservative Club, Treherbert. A Taff Vale Railway employee, named W. Phillips, who passed by while the hour of five was approaching, saw a column of smoke issuing from the …

January, 1912

September, 1910

  • 17 September

    Foot Race at Treherbert

    A 120 yards foot race for stakes of £20 a-side was run on the Treherbert Athletic Grounds on Monday evening between Will Allen (Treherbert) and Tom Evans (Penyrenglyn). This was the second match ‘between these neighbouring rivals this year, Allen winning the previous race easily. Allen was again a warm …

May, 1910

  • 21 May

    Late Spring Foot Race

    Treherbert. On Saturday last, a 130 yards’ foot race for stakes of £10 a-side took place between W. Allen, Treherbert, and Tom Evans, Penyrenglyn, on the Treherbert Football Grounds. A crowd of several hundred witnessed the race. From the start it seemed that Evans had secured a short lead, but …

January, 1909

  • 9 January

    Butchers Spare Rib

    The proper way to eat a spare-rib, the kind one gets with Treherbert butchers about closing time — is to lay it out carefully on a plate, then look at it intently for some minutes. Having discovered a point of vantage, at the end of which there is a bit …

May, 1908

  • 16 May

    Funds raised for new piano

    Treherbert On Thursday and Saturday last, the children of the Penyrenglyn Council School gave two concerts in the Opera House, Treherbert, the proceeds of which are to be devoted towards purchasing a piano for the school. They were without doubt in many senses two of the best children’s concerts held …

June, 1905

  • 24 June

    Coal Stealing

    Coal Stealing. An old man, 71 years of age, by the name of Fisher, living near the Pentre Colliery, was charged with stealing a quantity of coal from the rubbish trams on the Pentre tip. The Stipendiary expressed surprise that a respectable man of his age should be guilty of …

April, 1904

  • 21 April


    ATTEMPTED MURDER OF A PEMBROKESHIRE WOMAN. HER HUSBAND ATTEMPTS SUICIDE. A series of incidents almost culminating in a murder and suicide, occurred at Penyrenglyn, Treherbert, in the early hours of Saturday morning, and the surrounding districts were thrown into a state of considerable excitement when the story of the sensational …

September, 1903

  • 5 September

    The Castle Walk

    Treherbert. “The Castle Walk” on Monday created considerable excitement, for it was known that several of our best walkers, as well as some well-known outsiders, would compete. Amongst these were W. Lewis, commonly known as “Northman”; J. Evans, J. Marsh, and Osborne, all of whom were winners of first prizes …