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Dastardly Outrage at Treherbert

On Monday at the Treherbert petty sessions (before Mr. Gwilym Williams), Robert Davies, Ystrad, was charged with cutting and wounding John Jenkins, Treherbert. The complainant, the side of whose face was covered with plaister, said that on Saturday night he was at the Blacksmith Inn, Penyrenglyn, when the prisoner came to him with an empty glass in his hand, and asked him for some beer.

He replied that he had no money to give him beer, and with that turned away, when he was struck in the face a frightful blow with a glass. He bled very much in consequence.

The complainant’s daughter said that the glass was thrown without any provocation whatever. She saw the glass “flying” at her father and breaking to pieces in his face. Another woman cried out, “O, Lord, he has killed him.”

Dr Perrot said he examined the complainant’s face, and found a cut there of about three inches in length, and very deep. He would not be able to work for some time. The only danger to complainant was from erysipelas.

Sergeant Price said he apprehended the prisoner on Saturday night. Charged him in the station when he said, “I only defended myself; the glass was in my hand when he rose his fist to me. I struck him because I thought he was going to strike me. He was under the influence of drink, but not drunk.”

Prisoner was committed for trial at the quart sessions.

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