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Decomposed Body found on a Mountain

Gruesome Find near Treherbert.
Decomposed Body found on a Mountain.

The decomposed body of an unknown man was found on the mountain, about three miles from Treherbert. The discovery was made by W. Phillips, a shepherd, who, when following his avocation, espied what he thought to be a man sleeping on the top of Pen Pych Mountain.

Mr. J. E. Morgan, son of Alderman Morgan, J.P., who some time back discovered the body of the little boy Willie Llewellyn, journeyed with Phillips to the spot and found that the man was dead. Morgan rode to inform the police, and Police Sergeants Davies and Brinson, accompanied by a few other persons, travelled in a cart, kindly lent, to the top of Blaenrhondda, where they were, met by about 50 others, who walked up the steep declivity to the top of the mountain.

Judging from the position of the body, the unfortunate man must have fallen asleep, with his hands under his head. When the body was turned over, the atmosphere was filled with a terrible stench. The emaciated state of the body sickened many of the sightseers. David Llewellyn, of 5 Caroline Street, Blaenrhondda, an ex-Grenadier Guard, divested himself of his coat and vest, and started searching the body. The only thing found was a halfpenny. Owing to the sodden state of his clothing a description can hardly be accurate. The following, however, is moat to the point. The deceased was a man about 5ft 11in in height, clean shaven, aged about 50, and hair quite grey. He was dressed as if he followed the employment of a navvy or labourer. He wore thin-ribbed corduroy trousers, with pieces of cord tied below the knees, a leather belt around the waist, a wide-ribbed waistcoat, a, dark brown coat, a brown cap, and a muffler around the neck. His shirt was of English flannel texture, striped in blue and white, and his stockings were grey. His face and body were in a terrible state, both eyes being out, and all parts of the body exposed were devoid of any flesh-in fact, the body is unrecognisable, and the only manner in which the man can be identified is by his clothing.

A stretcher being procured from the Blaenrhondda Colliery, the body was conveyed down the slopes of the mountain to the Treherbert Police Station, where it awaits an inquest. The man must have died from exposure, and must have lain on the mountain for about four or five weeks.

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