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Fire at New Conservative Club

In the early hours of Monday morning, an outbreak of fire was discovered in the chess room of the New Conservative Club, Treherbert.

A Taff Vale Railway employee, named W. Phillips, who passed by while the hour of five was approaching, saw a column of smoke issuing from the building, and he raised the alarm.

All the local police, under Sergeant Rees Davies, with Phillips and other civilians, including Mr. Brown (steward) and Mr. Scott (secretary), fought the fire and extinguished it forty minutes later, by which time it is estimated that damage approximating £100 had been done.

The cause of the fire is only conjectured so far, the theory being advanced that a lighted cigar end or cigarette end was dropped on the carpet on Sunday night, and that the carpet, after catching fire, caused the flame to travel along the doors and walls. There was great heat in the walls when the fire was put out. The portions of the building damaged are the main passage, chess room, and a glass shed under the latter.

It is stated that but for the timely discovery of the fire, the whole of the magnificent and costly building would have been in jeopardy.


On Thursday evening, a splendid concert was given at Ebenezer Chapel, Blaenrhondda, when the oratorio, “Messiah,” was performed. A full report will appear next week.

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