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Glove Contest in the Rhondda

Arrest of the Cambatants.

An exciting glove contest for £5 a-side occurred in a boxing booth belonging to a man named Stokes in a field at Ton. between two colliery hauliers named Wm. Haggarty and David Williams, employed in the Ynysyfeio Colliery, and lodging at Penyrenglyn, Treherbert.

The booth was crowded with spectators long before the contest was commenced. Inspector Menhenniok, with P.C. White and P.C. Reed, Pentre, were present among the spectators.

At the end of the first round Williams, who was struck on the ground, claimed a “foul”, and then the police entered the ring and arrested the two men. The interference of the officers created an uproar among the crowd, which dispersed immediately after the principals had been conveyed out of the tent. They were taken to the Pentre lock-up, and were bailed out soon after by a gentleman residing in the locality.

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