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The Castle Walk

“The Castle Walk” on Monday created considerable excitement, for it was known that several of our best walkers, as well as some well-known outsiders, would compete.

Amongst these were W. Lewis, commonly known as “Northman”; J. Evans, J. Marsh, and Osborne, all of whom were winners of first prizes in well- contested walks.

The route was a very circuitous one, from The Castle Hotel, down around Gelli, back up to Blaenrhondda Hotel, then to Hendrewen Hotel. Blaenycwm, and back to the Castle, passing, however, on the journey Tynewydd Inn and the Railway Bar.

The lead was taken by Osborne, who was, however, soon caught, up by W. Lewis. These two maintained first places for some time, but gradually Osborne fell behind, being overtaken by J. Evans and Marsh. These positions were now maintained for the rest of the journey, J. Evans striving his utmost to overtake Lewis and keeping from between five to ten yards behind till the end. The first seven winners were: 1st, W. Lewis; 2nd. J. Evans; 3rd, Marsh 4th, J. Davies; 5th Osborne; 6th, Hopkins; 7th, Ernest Cox. W. Lewis has been under the care of Ivor Thomas, whose abilities as a trainer are well-known.

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