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The Green Valley

Mr. Cliffe wrote of the Valley in 1845 thus:— “We shall never forget our first impression of Ystradyfodwg. When we had walked about half a mile over the hill, the clouds, which had been down on the hill, began to lift, and suddenly the Green Valley unfolded itself before us, with one of those exquisite effects peculiar to mountain scenery which a Claude could not transfer to canvas. The valley stretched for a distance of eight or ten miles between two nearly parallel lines of hills, broken by a succession of cliffs of singular beauty, apparently terminated by a vast Alpine headland, and feathered by trees or copse of wood to its summit—a mountain chief (Pen Pych) keeping, watch as we descended. The emerald greenness of the meadows in the valley below was most refreshing. The scenery, when explored in detail, realised the first impression. The air is aromatic with the. wild flowers and mountain plants. A Sabbath stillness reigns. It is the gem of Glamorganshire.”

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