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Throws Clock at his Wife

Violent Treherbert Collier.

At the Pontypridd Police Court on Friday (before Dr Hunter and Mr R. T. Richards) Thomas Hodges, collier, Treherbert, was charged with unlawfully wounding his wife.

Mrs Hodges, whose forehead was bandaged and whose eyes were discoloured, is 60 years of age and she told the Court that he kept a grocer’s shop at 24 Baglan Street, Treherbert.

She was the defendant’s second wife, and they had been married seven years. On Thursday afternoon the defendant, who had been drinking heavily, returned home, and threw the teapot into the fire. She told him she would send for the police, and he there upon took his coat off and threw all her flower pots through the window, nearly every pane being broken. He then went upstairs, and she followed him. He caught hold of her silk umbrella and broke it in two, and destroyed about £10 worth of furniture in the room. He also struck prosecutrix under the eye, but she could not say whether the wound she had on her forehead was caused by being struck with a lamp, which the defendant held in his hand, or by the clock which he pulled off the wall.

She was renderd unconscious by the blow and the wound bled profusely. She added that her husband ought to be very contented, as “he was worth £200 any day.” She did not want to injure him but would like to get a separation as she could set on very well without him.

The defendant stated that his wife gave him sixpence to go to a funeral and when he went back she accused him of having been robbing her of money in the drawer. This he denied, but the complainant sharply told him he had done so many times.

He admitted throwing the teapot into the fire afterwards, but he had no questions to ask his wife. “She is master at home.” he added, “and she is master everywhere else.”

John Thomas, a young collier, said that he ran into complainant’s house upon hearing a scream, and when he proceeded upstairs he saw her being struck on the forehead with a small clock, which was thrown at her by her husband. The latter pulled a picture off the wall and struck witness with it after which he went out.

The defendant said that the blow with the clock could not have been very hard, as it was going when the police took it away. Dr Grant, Treherbert, said he was called into the house, where he found the complainant bleeding from a lacerated wound about an inch long and extending to the skull on the forehead. There were also contusions under both eyes. Upon being charged by P.C. Rhys Davies, the defendant said, “I didn’t strike her with the lamp. It must have been done with the flowerpot, and we had a row.” Defendant was fined £5, including costs, or an alternative of two months’ imprisonment, and as he was about descending the steps to the cell below his wife beckoned him back and paid the £5.

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