August, 2019

  • 23 August

    Treherbert Artist celebrates 90 years

    A nice post from BBC Wales in August 2019. Welsh painter Charles Burton says he has the same passion for art as he did as a child, as he celebrates turning 90. Burton, who was born in Treherbert, is the last surviving member of the Rhondda Group of artists. A …

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June, 2019

August, 2003

  • 7 August

    Post Office Box

    7 August 2003 Post Office Box in Wyndham Street, Tynewydd. Note the lettering on the post box as GR – King George. The box was situated on the side wall of the Post Office. The only other similar box was situated on the exterior of Treherbert Railway Street.

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July, 2003

  • 7 July

    Pam Lewis & The Flower Box

    Monday, 7 July 2003 at 12:59pm Pam Lewis at work in her business The Flower Box on Bute Street, Treherbert. ——————————————————————————– ——————————————————————————– Pam died on 1 February 2017.

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January, 1991

  • 1 January

    Treorchy and Pencelli in 1991

    Views include D & E Davies, Grocer and The Pencelli pub; Treorchy Comprehensive School; Parc and Dare Theatre; Treorchy high street; Mrs Humphries, School Teacher at 2m 54s on Dumfries Street Treorchy; views from Bryn Rhodfa 4m 7s.

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January, 1987

July, 1981

  • 29 July

    Eleanor Street – Royal Wedding

    Eleanor Street celebrations for the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer on 29 July 1981. Ivor Williams and family at the end of the race line ready to give out crisps as prizes.

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June, 1926

June, 1918

  • 22 June

    The Tank at Treherbert

    BRAVO! TREHERBERT OVER £100,000 The total sum invested in connection with the Treherbert Tank Day was £100,700. The Penyrenglyn School Association invested £4,500, and the Treherbert Schools Association £3,110. The secretarial duties were successfully carried out by Mr. Sam Howells, who received valuable assistance from Mr. T. Arnold.

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May, 1916

  • 6 May

    “A Double Welcome Home”

    Jenkin Jenkins, collier, Treherbert, was summoned for committing a breach of his probation on which he was placed on Jan. 24th this year. P.S. James deposed to seeing defendant in the “Welcome Home” public house. He did not see him have a drink. He had been to the police station …

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May, 1915

  • 22 May

    Allotment Accident

    Mr Ben Bowen, Herbert Street, Treherbert, received severe injuries to the face last week whilst doing some fencing work at the Ynysfeio Allotment by a piece of wire snapping. Later in the day he was conveyed to Cardiff Hospital.

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  • 22 May

    Dumfries Street Fire

      On Wednesday an outbreak of fire occurred at the house of Mrs Jones, Dumfries Street, Treherbert, but was speedily extinguished. Two children in the house at the time escaped unhurt, thanks to the prompt action taken by the neighbours.

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January, 1914

  • 17 January

    Fire at New Conservative Club

    Treherbert. In the early hours of Monday morning, an outbreak of fire was discovered in the chess room of the New Conservative Club, Treherbert. A Taff Vale Railway employee, named W. Phillips, who passed by while the hour of five was approaching, saw a column of smoke issuing from the …

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January, 1912

September, 1910

  • 17 September

    Foot Race at Treherbert

    A 120 yards foot race for stakes of £20 a-side was run on the Treherbert Athletic Grounds on Monday evening between Will Allen (Treherbert) and Tom Evans (Penyrenglyn). This was the second match ‘between these neighbouring rivals this year, Allen winning the previous race easily. Allen was again a warm …

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July, 1910

  • 30 July

    Ynyswen Burning Fatality

    Nightdress Caught Fire. On Friday last, at the Treherbert Police Station, Mr. R. J. Rhys (coroner) conducted an enquiry into the death of Gertrude Drake, daughter of Mr. Fred Drake, Brynhyfryd Place, Penyrenglyn, Treherbert. Early on Tuesday morning, the 19th inst., the child found a box of matches in the …

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May, 1910

  • 21 May

    Blaencwm Orchestra

    The fifth annual concert in connection with the Blaenycwm Orchestra took place at Blaenycwm Chapel (kindly lent) on Thursday evening last, when the following artistes contributed to an excellent programme Miss Mary Richards (contralto), Rhymney; Master Trevor Watkins (boy soprano), Pentre; Mr. Godfrey Price (bass), Tylorstown; Ap Tydfil (solo violinist), …

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  • 21 May

    Late Spring Foot Race

    Treherbert. On Saturday last, a 130 yards’ foot race for stakes of £10 a-side took place between W. Allen, Treherbert, and Tom Evans, Penyrenglyn, on the Treherbert Football Grounds. A crowd of several hundred witnessed the race. From the start it seemed that Evans had secured a short lead, but …

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September, 1909

  • 17 September

    Ysbytty Ystwyth

    The funeral took place yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, at Ysbytty Ystwyth, of Mr. Augustus Francis W Ball, Penyrenglyn Stores, Treherbert, eldest surviving son of the late Mr William Ball, Frongoch Mines, whose death occurred on Monday at the age of thirty-four years.

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June, 1909

  • 12 June

    Funeral of Eleanor Street Boy

    Treherbert, The funeral of little Freddie Protheroe, aged 11 years, of Elinor Street, took place on Saturday. It was largely attended, especially by his playmates—the children of the Penyrenglyn Council School. Deceased was a very popular lad in the locality. His genial nature and pleasant smile won for him the …

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April, 1909

  • 3 April

    The Green Valley

    Mr. Cliffe wrote of the Valley in 1845 thus:— “We shall never forget our first impression of Ystradyfodwg. When we had walked about half a mile over the hill, the clouds, which had been down on the hill, began to lift, and suddenly the Green Valley unfolded itself before us, …

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January, 1909

  • 9 January

    Butchers Spare Rib

    The proper way to eat a spare-rib, the kind one gets with Treherbert butchers about closing time — is to lay it out carefully on a plate, then look at it intently for some minutes. Having discovered a point of vantage, at the end of which there is a bit …

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  • 9 January

    Died in the snow

    A young man in Penyrenglyn had drunk so much on Tuesday night that, when he tried to cross the road, he fainted. Sympathetic friends tried to revive him by rubbing his face in the snow. If he was not eventually all white, it is still a fact that he was …

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May, 1908

  • 16 May

    Funds raised for new piano

    Treherbert On Thursday and Saturday last, the children of the Penyrenglyn Council School gave two concerts in the Opera House, Treherbert, the proceeds of which are to be devoted towards purchasing a piano for the school. They were without doubt in many senses two of the best children’s concerts held …

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June, 1905

  • 24 June

    Coal Stealing

    Coal Stealing. An old man, 71 years of age, by the name of Fisher, living near the Pentre Colliery, was charged with stealing a quantity of coal from the rubbish trams on the Pentre tip. The Stipendiary expressed surprise that a respectable man of his age should be guilty of …

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June, 1904

  • 4 June

    Decomposed Body found on a Mountain

    Gruesome Find near Treherbert. Decomposed Body found on a Mountain. The decomposed body of an unknown man was found on the mountain, about three miles from Treherbert. The discovery was made by W. Phillips, a shepherd, who, when following his avocation, espied what he thought to be a man sleeping …

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April, 1904

  • 21 April


    ATTEMPTED MURDER OF A PEMBROKESHIRE WOMAN. HER HUSBAND ATTEMPTS SUICIDE. A series of incidents almost culminating in a murder and suicide, occurred at Penyrenglyn, Treherbert, in the early hours of Saturday morning, and the surrounding districts were thrown into a state of considerable excitement when the story of the sensational …

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  • 19 April

    The Treherbert Tragedy

    THE TREHERBERT TRAGEDY. CONDITION OF THE INJURED PEOPLE. The man Benjamin Prothero, who on Saturday morning attacked his wife with a pruning knife at 39 Baglan Street, Penyrenglyn, Treherbert, inflicting very serious injuries, and who afterwards cut his own throat, is still in Cardiff Infirmary, where he is in the …

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September, 1903

  • 5 September

    The Castle Walk

    Treherbert. “The Castle Walk” on Monday created considerable excitement, for it was known that several of our best walkers, as well as some well-known outsiders, would compete. Amongst these were W. Lewis, commonly known as “Northman”; J. Evans, J. Marsh, and Osborne, all of whom were winners of first prizes …

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July, 1903

  • 18 July

    The Basin Walk

    Treherbert. “The Basin Walk” proved a huge success in spite of the fact that there were only six competitors. Large numbers had gathered in Station Street to witness the start, whilst many others had placed themselves in various positions upon the mountain sides up which the competitors had to climb. …

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January, 1900

  • 1 January

    Ynysfeio Bridge

    The left hand side wall remains there today. The stones from the right hand side of the bridge were taken away, with some being put into a large garden at the top of Eleanor Street, Penyrenglyn.

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June, 1899

  • 24 June

    Throws Clock at his Wife

    Violent Treherbert Collier. THROWS A CLOCK AT HIS WIFE. THE LATTER PAYS THE FINE. At the Pontypridd Police Court on Friday (before Dr Hunter and Mr R. T. Richards) Thomas Hodges, collier, Treherbert, was charged with unlawfully wounding his wife. Mrs Hodges, whose forehead was bandaged and whose eyes were …

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  • 24 June

    The Treherbert Drowning Case – Inquest & Verdict

    THE TREHERBERT DROWNING CASE. INQUEST AND VERDICT. On Thursday morning, at the police station, Treherbert, Mr. R. J. Rhys, coroner, held an inquiry touching the death of William Parry, 63 years of age, residing at 142 Dumfries Street, Treherbert, who was drowned at the Ynysfeio Colliery, Treherbert, on Sunday last. …

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  • 24 June

    Drowned in Colliery Sump

    William Parry, widower, 142. Dumfries street, Treherbert, was drowned in the sump at the Ynysfeio Colliery. Treherbert on Sunday. It is thought that the deceased was seized with a fit whilst descending the pit.

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  • 24 June

    Child killed by Whiskey

    The three year old daughter of William Evans, Hopkin Street. Treherbert, was killed by drinking a cupful of whiskey on Sunday afternoon. It appears her father went from the room for a few minutes, leaving a cup of undiluted whiskey close by the child and when he returned the stuff …

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August, 1897

  • 7 August

    Blind Harpist Wins

    Treherbert. The members and worshippers at the Carmel Welsh Congregational Chapel on Monday had their annual trip. The place selected was Barry and a very enjoyable day was spent. The Sunday School members of the Horeb Welsh Methodists Chapel and the members of the English Methodist Sunday School also had …

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September, 1895

  • 17 September

    Glove Contest in the Rhondda

    GLOVE CONTEST IN THE RHONDDA. Arrest of the Cambatants. An exciting glove contest for £5 a-side occurred in a boxing booth belonging to a man named Stokes in a field at Ton. between two colliery hauliers named Wm. Haggarty and David Williams, employed in the Ynysyfeio Colliery, and lodging at …

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June, 1894

  • 27 June

    The Treherbert Child Murder

    TRIAL AT SWANSEA ASSIZES. PRISONER DECLARED TO BE INSANE. Detained During Her Majesty’s Pleasure. At the Swansea Assizes today before Mr Justice Kennedy – Margaret Jenkins, a married woman, aged 40, was charged on two indictments, with feloniously and of her malice aforethought killing and murdering one Elizabeth Ann Jenkins, …

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  • 11 June

    Treherbert Murder

    Appeal to the Public to Send Money for the Defence. Sir, —The unfortunate woman’ Margaret Jenkins, has been committed to take her trial at the coming assizes for killing her child. There is in this place but one opinion as to the state of her mind when she committed the …

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May, 1894

  • 21 May

    The Treherbert Murder

    MUCH EXCITEMENT IN THE RHONDDA. Opinion is General that Margaret Jenkins Could Not Have Been Responsible for Her Horrible Action. The terrible crime which was committed at Tynewydd on Friday afternoon by Mrs. Jenkins, wife of a collier, has caused a profound sensation throughout the Rhondda Valleys, and especially in …

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May, 1893

  • 5 May

    Shocking Fatality at Treherbert – Haulier Run Over

    Shocking Fatality at Treherbert. A HAULIER RUN OVER. On Monday evening a haulier, named Mark Taff, 50 years of age, employed by Mr Collins (contractor under the Rhondda Valley Brewery Company, and resiling at Penyrenglyn, fell off the front part of the dray to the ground as the horses were …

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September, 1892

  • 8 September

    Alleged Adulterated Beer

    ALLEGED ADULTERATED BEER. PROSECUTION AT PONTYPRIDD. At the Pontypridd police court on Wednesday before Mr I. P. Jenkins, Mr M. Llewellyn, landlord of the Babylon Hotel, Treherbert, and Mr Protheroe, landlord of the Royal Oak, Penyrenglyn, near Treherbert, were summoned for selling adulterated beer. Mr Wilson (Randall, Wilson, and Cary) …

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June, 1892

  • 24 June

    Blaenrhondda Sudden Death

    TREHERBERT. SUDDEN DEATH. On Thursday morning, a woman named Margaret Evans, 58 years of age, residing at 26 Brook Street, Blaenrhondda, was found dead in bed by Mrs Alice Grey, landlady of the house. An inquest on the body was held in the Tynewydd Hotel in the afternoon, and after …

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July, 1891

  • 21 July

    The Blaencwm Shooting Case – 350 Shots

    THE BLAENCWM SHOOTING CASE. At Ystrad Police-court on Monday (before Mr. T. P. Jenkins, Dm. H. N. Davies and W. Parry, and Alderman W. Morgan) David Davies, collier, was again brought up on remand charged with shooting Eli Baker, of Stone Huts, Blaencwm, with intent to kill on the 20th …

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June, 1891

  • 30 June

    Blaencwm Shooting Affray

    At Ystrad Police-court on Monday Dd. Davies was brought up on remand charged with shooting Eli J Baker with intent to murder at Blaencwm huts. Dr. Warbueton (Trehebert) deposed to examining prosecutor on the Saturday night when the affray took place. He was conscious, but in a state of collapse. …

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June, 1890

  • 27 June

    The Blaencwm Tunnel

    The lining of this tunnel was completed on Wednesday, and several of the directors passed through on that day. The Government Inspector will inspect it in a few days. It is said the line will be opened for goods traffic next monthly holiday, and for passengers on St. Mabon’s day …

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  • 20 June

    The Blaencwm Tunnel

    THE BLAENCWM TUNNEL. RHONDDA AND SWANSEA BAY RAILWAY. It is stated that the work of arching the unlined portions, about 700 yards in length, is being carried on most expeditiously, and will be completed about the beginning of next month. It is, therefore, probable that the formal opening will take …

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August, 1888

  • 24 August

    Dangerous Assault by a Lad

    WOUNDING AT BLAENCWM. DANGEROUS ASSAULT BY A LAD. At Ystrad Police Court on Monday (before the Stipendiary) Richard Tinsley, a lad, was charged on remand with wounding. The evidence of Mr Warburton, surgeon, was given last week. Richard Jenkins, smith, Blaencwm, said on the 3rd of August, about four o’clock …

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  • 3 August

    Fatal Accidents at Blaencwm

    Mr Rhys, coroner, held an inquest on Saturday, at Treherbert, on the body of William Woodward, 22 years of age, who died from injuries received by being crushed between contractor’s wagons in the Swansea Bay Railway Tunnel, Blaenycwm. A verdict of “Accidential death” was returned. An inquiry was also held …

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June, 1883

  • 9 June

    Penyrenglyn Fire

    On Wednesday morning much excitement was created in the above neighbourhood by an alarm of fire at the shop of Mr. David Davies, grocer. It seemed that the soot in one of the chimneys caught fire, and the fire ignited some of the timber of the roof projecting into the …

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April, 1883

  • 14 April

    Local Liquidations

    LOCAL LIQUIDATIONS. [FROM FRIDAY NIGHT’S GAZETTE” Griffith Powell, 3, Princess Street, Penyrenglyn, Treherbert, Glamorganshire, timber man.

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August, 1882

  • 29 August

    Royal Exchange Public House Sold

    IMPORTANT PROPERTY SALE IN THE RHONDDA. Great interest was felt at Treherbert and the adjacent district on Monday, at a property sale which took place there. The auctioneer was Mr E. H. Davies, and he offered for disposal the Royal Exchange Public House, Penyrenglyn, which reached £1,300, the buyer being …

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February, 1882

  • 18 February

    Kicked to Death by Horse

    TREHERBERT. INQUEST – On Monday, Mr Thomas Williams held an inquest at the Railway Bar, touching the death of John Price, who died on Friday last from the effects of a kick he received from a horse in the stables underground at Dunraven Colliery, on the 7th inst. A verdict …

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March, 1881

  • 11 March

    Rhondda and Swansea Railway Bill

    THE RHONDDA AND SWANSEA RAILWAY BILL Keen disappointment has been felt in the neighbourhood owing to the failure of the above. Workmen as well as tradesmen’s hopes are blighted by it, but it is stated on good authority that the scheme will be taken up next year with greater energy …

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  • 11 March

    Gwendoline Street Death

    SUDDEN DEATH. An awfully sudden death took place at Gwendoline Street, Tynewydd, on Tuesday night. A woman named Mrs Breeze had attended a Salvation Army meeting, and on hoc way home to Penyrenglyn she turned to a neighbour, a Mrs Lewis and asked for a glass of water, which Mrs …

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November, 1880

  • 27 November

    Alleged Attempted Murder at Pontypridd

    On Wednesday, at the police-court, Edward Evans, Penyrenglyn, Treherbert, on remand charged with attempting to murder a young woman named Lawes, Wood-road, by cutting her throat, was further remanded till that day week. It appeared that there is some doubt as to whether the prisoner was in his right mind …

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July, 1880

  • 8 July

    Boy dead from drowning

    About half-past ten on Saturday morning three boys named Daniel Thomas Jones, aged eight years, son of John Jones, of Treherbert, and Thomas Whymer and Richard Griffiths, were playing near the River Rhondda at Penyrenglyn, on a plank which had been placed across the river for the convenience of colliers. …

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May, 1880

  • 15 May

    Fatal Accident

    A little girl named Eleanor Henry was run over and killed on Saturday by a waggon at Penyrenglyn, belonging to Messrs. Pegler and Son, grocers, Treorky. It seems that the driver saw the child on the road, but was unable to pull up in time to save bar.

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July, 1877

  • 20 July

    Lost on Blaencwm Mountain

    SERIOUS ACCIDENT Last Tuesday, as Evan Davies was walking from Glyn-neath to Blaencwm he lost his way on the mountains. About 10 o’clock he came in sight of Blaencwm, and when drawing towards the lights he suddenly fell over a high precipice. For some time he lay stunned, and when …

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December, 1874

  • 29 December

    Dastardly Outrage at Treherbert

    On Monday at the Treherbert petty sessions (before Mr. Gwilym Williams), Robert Davies, Ystrad, was charged with cutting and wounding John Jenkins, Treherbert. The complainant, the side of whose face was covered with plaister, said that on Saturday night he was at the Blacksmith Inn, Penyrenglyn, when the prisoner came …

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September, 1872

  • 21 September

    Gun Accident

    A serious gun accident happened near Blaenrhondda, on Tuesday. It seems that a man named William Evans went out with a gun for the purpose of shooting birds. In loading the gun, either through inexperience or neglect, he charged it too heavy, so that in letting it off the gun …

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June, 1871

  • 24 June

    Fixing a Lightening Conductor

    FIXING A LIGHTNING CONDUCTOR. The dangerous process of fixing a lightning conductor to the stack at the Bute Merthyr Colliery, which is over 100 feet high, took place on Tuesday last. An expert had been engaged for the purpose from the North of England. By means of a large square …

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March, 1867

  • 9 March

    A warning to Females

    TREHERBERT. FIRE. A good deal of excitement was caused at Treherbert by the report that a fire had taken place at a dwelling-house occupied by Mrs. Jones, in a row at Treherbert, on the 26th. It appears that one of the mountain straw beds was placed on the floor in …

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