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Treherbert Murder

Appeal to the Public to Send Money for the Defence. Sir, —The unfortunate woman’ Margaret Jenkins, has been committed to take her trial at the coming assizes for killing her child. There is in this place but one opinion as to the state of her mind when she committed the act: we all believe her to be in a very unsound state of mind; this was the unanimous opinion of the jury at the inquest, and the expressed opinion of all who have since seen her is to the same effect. Her husband and family are quite unable to procure for her a defence; they are in very poor circumstances.

It was made known at the inquest that the family a little while ago were in such poverty as to have nothing but bread to eat, and even now they live upon the charity of friends.

The husband is a hard workman, and of a good character: the prevalence of poor times in the place and having a numerous family account for their great poverty. The inhabitants of the locality have resolved to procure a defence for the poor woman. Two public meetings have been held in the place full of sympathy and enthusiasm; a fund has been opened, substantial subscriptions were promised, and the place has been divided into collecting districts. This defence, of course, means a large sum of money, more than the locality can secure, though doing its very best. Trade in the place is at a very low ebb, give of our large pits being at a standstill. We are thus under the necessity of appealing to generous friends for helps; we would most respectfully and earnestly appeal to you, sir, to help us to secure this very unfortunate woman who killed her bosom child, a child she passionately loved – the best defence possible. Any sum you will be pleased to give will be immediately and thankfully acknowledged. Please direct your contribution to Mr. J. E. Morgans, Tynewydd House, Tynewydd, Treherbert.

Yours on behalf of the committee, the Rev. D. W. Hopkins (chairman), Mr J. E. Morgans (treasurer) and Mr. T. P. Reynolds (secretary).

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