Reviewing Wilko Sowing & Cutting Compost

Today I am reviewing a packet of Sowing & Cutting Compost from Wilkos. This mini-series started after I purchased a bag of compost and discovered it was mostly plastic and stones, at the moment these videos are looking at the quality of what is in each bag of compost.

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How to Store Apples by Freezing

It’s been a busy afternoon storing the cooking apples. I tend to freeze mine with a view of using them in pies, crumbles and smoothies over the following year. I’ve found that when I use them in cooking after thawing, they are much softer to eat. The technique I use …

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Gardening in August

This is the month when more crops may be harvested and when further seed-sowings may be made to ensure a supply of vegetables next spring. All the winter greens should be planted this month, and should the weather be dry the roots must be puddled in. Hoeing, mulching and cultivating, …

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