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Gardening Growing Guide for June

If tradition is correct this month will be filled from start to finish with hot sunshine – flaming June. There is also the traditional start of Summer on June 21 with the Summer Solstice. Early sowings will now be ready to harvest but time …

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Gardening Growing Guide for July

You never quite know what July is going to be in relation to the weather. Often it is a very wet month, and if it is the weeds grow at speed. If it is a dry month, hoeing and mulching have to be attended …

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Gardening Growing Guide for August

This is the month when more crops may be harvested and when further seed-sowings may be made to ensure a supply of vegetables next spring. All the winter greens should be planted this month, and should the weather be dry the roots may be …

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Gardening Growing Guide for September

Harvests are still being collected and daylight shortens at each end of the day. Thoughts turn to next Spring and bulbs are planted from now until January. Frosts may appear so be on stand-by with the fleece. Globe Artichokes – Any suckers grown for …

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Gardening Growing Guide for November

A cold month on the allotment as we approach Winter. Daylight starts to fade from 4pm but temperatures drop dramatically a few hours before. A good time to fix anything that needs fixing and to get a step ahead on any digging that is …

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