Readers’ Corner

Rose, V. Unknown

Facebook Group member Enfys has this beautiful yellow Rose in her West Wales garden. Unfortunately she doesn’t know what the variety is but thinks it’s a David Austin rose, “possibly Crown Princess Margareta.” If you recognise this rose, let us know the variety name in the comments below.

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Rose, V. Nostalgia

Facebook group member Clare from Northern Island has this beautiful Rose ‘Nostalgia’ growing in her garden. Flowering throughout the summer until autumn, this variety is a bicoloured hybrid tea rose. The beautiful red coloured petals have a cream centre.

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Recycled Pallet Into Wall Planter Garden

Facebook Group member Bruce from Sheffield has recycled a pallet into a wall planter in his garden. He’s used strawberries, tomatoes and lobelia – a great idea of using old pallets and even better for those with limited space to grow. Just keep on top of the watering during hot …

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