How to Sow Honesty (Lunaria annua)

These are beautiful purple flowered plants which produce lovely transparent seed heads in the Autumn, ideal for floral arrangements. A traditional cottage garden plant.

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How to force rhubarb for an early harvest.

Inspecting Shallot Bulbs & Potting Up

The shallots have arrived so it’s time to inspect and plant them up.

How to Grow Potatoes: Chitting

Your seed potatoes will usually be sent out by seed companies a month or two before they are needed to be planted, but what to…

How to Grow Sweet Peas: Sowing Seeds

The joy of growing Sweet Peas is not only the scent they produce but also the copious amount of flowers it produces throughout the season.…

Sowing Leeks using Manure

Growing up in the valleys of South Wales I was surrounded by some of the best leek growers in the world. In fact one of…