Planting Potatoes during Apogee

Arrived around 3pm and started planting the potatoes.

What is Biodynamic Gardening?

Chat with biodynamic gardening expert and Head Gardener of Weleda UK, Claire Hattersley.

New Climbing Plant and Gate Repairs

Good to be back in the garden and planting but there are still some repairs to be finished. I will start to sow seeds later…

My Biodynamic Journal for March 2021

For those who have expressed an interest to grow along with me using biodynamic methods, here is my journal for what I’m planning to sow/plant…

In Conversation with Alexandra Campbell of The Middle-Sized Garden

This week I’m in conversation with Alexandra Campbell of the YouTube channel and blog The Middle Sized Garden, covering topics such as her latest book…

March Walk Around

The first week of March and let’s see what is happening in the garden. I will start to sow seeds later in the month when…

Sean’s Garden Diary, February: Removing the railway fence

Unedited video of the fence alongside the railway being removed, I explain why towards the end of the video.