Sean’s Garden Diary

London/Kent border, UK

Time to give up an allotment

Time to face some hard facts.

April Walk Around The Garden

Time for our regular walk around the garden at the start of April and my new technique of planting Spring bulbs. In Search of The…

Sowing Seeds Galore!

It’s been a busy week of seed sowing this week. Biodynamic principles are that you sow seeds in the 7 days prior to a Full…

A slow start – fiery end

Lots of people making the most of blue skies and a little warmth. I made the mistake of going to collect lunch first which made me somewhat lackluster for the next few hours.

Planting Potatoes & Spring Clean

The first of the potatoes are planted biodynamically and with the arrival of Spring the shed needs a clean and replanning.

Planting Potatoes during Apogee

Arrived around 3pm and started planting the potatoes.

New Climbing Plant and Gate Repairs

Good to be back in the garden and planting but there are still some repairs to be finished. I will start to sow seeds later…