Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Follow my progress as I create a new kitchen garden on the Kent/London border in the United Kingdom. View the previous twelve months with my yearly review videos at

Your Questions Answered

You asked the questions, here are the answers. The first 500 who click the link will get 2 free months of Premium Skillshare and...

Vlog 85. Jan Y3: Cleaning Up after Storm Brendan

Many thanks to everyone for your suggestions and kind messages.

Vlog 84. Jan Y3: Storm Brendan – The Aftermath

Cleaning up the aftermath of Storm Brendan as he visited the allotment this week.

Vlog 83. Jan Y3: January Monthly Tour

Start of a new year and the first plot tour of the year. This would be the third January of this plot.

Planting Currants & Rent Increase

The red, white and black currants are now planted in the no dig fruit garden and the plot rent increases.

Plot Inspection after the Storm

We've had a lot of rain recently and this has effected some plots.

Monthly Tours during Year 2 – 2019

Looking back at all the monthly tours of Year 2 - 2019.

December Monthly Tour Year 2

Monthly walk around the kitchen garden in December, Year 2.

Sean’s Kitchen Garden 2019 Review

Thank you for your continued support during 2019, let's look back at some of the highlights of the year.

New Patio and Compost Removal

This week I solve the problem of my chair sinking in the damp soil outside the shed and dismantle an old compost bin.

Three Things I’ve Learnt This Year Challenge

Having been nominated by Annie's Kitchen Garden, I look back over the previous year and think about what I've learnt in that time.

November Monthly Tour

As Autumn (Fall) draws to an end it's time for a walk around the garden.