Chrysanthemums are ordered

When I lived in Wales my next door neighbour was a man called Dennis Fletcher. In his garden there were hundreds of Chrysanthemums which he grew to exhibition standard and showed all over the United Kingdom, winning prizes wherever he went. I remember him behind on television and they mentioned that he had a Chrysanthemum named after him. I’ve recently found a supplier, in fact it’s Ivor Mace (a friend of Dennis Fletcher) and am currently trying to see if they are available for sale.

Looking through the website Halls of Heddon I noticed a few that I liked so have bought plug plants which will arrive next Spring. The varieties are…

Chrysanthemum, v. Daphne Davis 29d
Chrysanthemum, v. Barbara 22c
Chrysanthemum, v. Frizbee

At the moment I have no idea were in the garden these will be grown, maybe where the Runner Beans were in 2020.

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Ivor Mace and his garden.

Sean James Cameron
Sean James Cameron

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