November 2022

Closing Down for Winter

In amongst the dark, gloomy, rain covered days we’ve been experiencing Spring-like moments. On my recent visit to the garden it’s been beautiful and the birds have been in fine voice. The vegetable section, including where the rose hedge will be planted, is now all turned over and ready for planting. Am awaiting the arrival of the roses. In the vegetable section I’ve covered one large section with heavy duty plastic until Spring. This will help stop any weeds establishing and will slowly warm the soil up once Winter has gone. This section is now closed down until seed sowing and planting in Spring.

November 2022

This week the news has been announced that the hosepipe ban which came into force in August is now lifted. Thames Water have say that November has seen enough rain fall to lift the ban but is asking people to remain mindful when using hosepipes.

November 2022

Now my attention is turned to the top end of the garden where the shed is currently sitting. The area needs to be cleared, you’ll remember this is where the previous tenant has put several compost bins which had fallen down. My plan is to move the greenhouse to where the shed is today. The branches of the hazel will help keep a cool temperature inside the greenhouse especially at the height of Summer. The shed will be moved in front of where the little Tool Shed is today. The area from the shed to the greenhouse will then be used as an outdoor potting area. Lots of work ahead but am hoping to get all this finished by the end of January – weather permitting.

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  1. Hello
    Greetings from Finland. Se had our first snow on the weekend here in southern of
    the country. So there will Be no gardening untill spring time.
    I wish you a nice wintertime and Hood luck with all the work.
    Best regards

  2. Good luck with all your plans Sean

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