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COVID-19: Allotment Advice from DEFRA

THE SITUATION HAS NOW CHANGED – PLEASE READ THE LATEST ARTICLE https://seanjamescameron.com/covid-19-good-news-for-allotment-holders/

There has been so much information flying around over the past few days regarding COVID-19 and especially allotments that I contacted the Government today to seek official advice regarding allotments.

I was directed by the Cabinet Office to DEFRA. Speaking with a spokesperson from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs they advised that as long as social distancing is strictly kept to not only on the allotment but on the journey from home and back home there wasn’t a problem.

In short…

– Practise social distancing while travelling to your allotment, do not use public transport.

– When arriving at your allotment, wash your hands for 20 seconds using soap and warm water or hand sanitizer. I create warm water but either taking a flask with me or a camping stove in my shed.

– Do not touch your face.

– While on your allotment continue to practise social distancing. Do not have communal tea breaks or other gatherings.

– Once you have locked the allotment site gate use hand sanitizer again, if you don’t have any, don’t touch your face or any other surface until you are home again and can wash with warm water and soap.

– On the journey home, continue social distancing and do not use public transport.

– Anyone with COVID-19 or within a house where a patient is, must self-isolate at home and stay away from allotment site.

Total Lockdown

I also took the opportunity to pass on our worries that if a total lockdown was to occur our allotments, and especially those with chickens, would suffer and that our allotments are taking (even a little) strain off supermarkets and helping with mental health of plot holders during this stressful period.

What is social distancing?

Keep at least 2m (over 6.6ft) between you and the people around you.

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What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

Check out this article by the BBC https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-51048366

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  1. I wonder if we do go into full lockdown, whether Allotments can be given equivalent status to Shops in terms of permission to travel to and from them being given – i know that mine holds large quantities of food, which i need to access?

    • Sean James Cameron

      I took the opportunity to highlight the benefits and the worry that people had about a total lockdown and allotments, especially those with chickens on theirs. As she said, the situation is changing daily.

  2. Please take this article down. It’s now out of date advice and Ill informed people are not reading your correction at the top and are using your article as evidence that it’s ok for them to go out in direct contravention of the govt advice tonight

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