Dahlias are ordered

I’ve always loved dahlias and want to grow a large display of them, maybe even has some to enter the local flower show (if life returns to normal).

I’ve ordered ‘mini-plants’ and they should arrive in April so I need to get my new greenhouse build by the time they arrive as they will need to be grown inside for a few weeks until the final frosts of May has passed.

They were purchased via Halls of Heddon who are dahlias specialists. The varieties are Askwith Edna; Ivor’s Rhonda; Minley Carol and Dilys Ayling.

Dahlia, v. Minley Carol
Dahlia, Ivor’s Rhonda
Dahlia, v. Askwith Edna
Dahlia, v. Dilys Ayling

I actually know Dilys Ayling. She visited our gardening society back in Wales several times a year and presented many lectures, especially on floral art, so it will be wonderful to have a flower in my garden and know the person behind the name.

In addition the these above I’ve also been set some dahlia tubers from a YouTube subscriber so will be producing cuttings off them and look forward to adding those to my new collection.

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Sean James Cameron
Sean James Cameron

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