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Cottage Garden: February Y3: First Sowings of the Year

With the sun beating down on my cold back I thought it was time to sow a few seeds for the year ahead but first I walked around the garden.

I noticed the lavender bushes which I purchased last Summer from B&Q are sprouting. I haven’t pruned them yet so the spent flowers from last year are still on the bush. They are producing new shoots. Hopefully we won’t get any hard frosts which could kill them off.

Sowed a few Sweet Peas. One packet is from Which? Gardening magazine and part of their annual trial. It’s called ‘Sugar n Spice’ and only grows 18cm tall which I’m thinking will be great as a border edge flower. I also had a packet of Wilko Sweet Peas, a tall mixed variety and these may go against the fence of the garden – give the passengers of the train something to look at as they whizz past.

The seed potatoes have been in the shed for a few weeks and appear to be doing fine despite a few frosty nights. It won’t be long before they will be heading into the open ground, usually around mid-March depending on weather.

Another new sowing today was Cauliflower, variety Alpha. I’ve put the little greenhouse covers on them so they can store their own heat. All the seedlings are being kept in my outdoor seed station. Just before I left I harvested a handful of rhubarb and will use this within a cake. It was a good day.

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