First vegetables are planted

The first two kitchen garden beds are ready to receive vegetables. It’s quite late in the season so with a few crops I’ll be taking a chance but what have I lost if they don’t come to harvest, just a packet of seed.

The first to be planted was a row of Potatoes, v. Charlotte. These are a 2nd Early variety and will be ready for harvest in the run up to Christmas. They need slightly longer compared to Spring planting 2nd Early varieties due to the colder months of Autumn. When frost is forecast I’ll cover with fleece and hopefully harvest on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Summer potatoes are planted in the same way as Spring potatoes.

Butternut Squash, v. Waltham. Planted 14 July.

I found two Butternut Squash, v. Waltham, which were sown on June 10 but kept in their pots for too long. I planted these and don’t hold out much hope for them but with the recent weather who knows what will happen.

Another planting is Skirret. I first saw this on the BBC television series The Victorian Kitchen Garden which was shown in the 1980s and presented by Harry Dodson and Peter Thoday. It cost £7.95 from Pennard Plants.

Skirret. Planted 14 July.

Pennard Plants describe it as “Of Chinese origin. Known as Crummock in Scotland. Cultivated in the UK since A.D. 1548 because of its tolerance to cold and resistance to insect infestation. Attractive in borders, boasting small clusters of fragrant white flowers from late spring to autumn. However its true potential is within the sweetish, somewhat aromatic root, which is used as a vegetable in much the same manner as the oyster plant, salsify and parsnip. Extremely hardy. Harvest the shoots in spring and most of the roots in autumn. The plant is then put back in the ground for next year’s crop.”

My video camera battery stopped at this point so all the other tasks I had planted to film are on hold until I recharge the battery. Hopefully by the end of this weekend there will be more vegetables sown and planted.

Bye for now.

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