Flower Border Complete – Of Sorts!

There are so many elements of this new garden that remind me of the family garden back in Wales that I decided to name it: Gardd Llonyddwch which means Tranquility Garden. A new garden sign on welsh slate has been erected on the blue gate which has also returned. I’ve had this gate for around 12 years now.

The first thing I do when I enter the garden is take time to walk around and see what has changed since my last visit. Today I found the old Rectory wall hiding behind a bank of ivy. In time I would like to expose the wall and in front of it maybe plant some flowers, exactly what I’m not sure at the moment.

Rectory wall.

I finished planting the lavender hedge around the flower border. I’ve got a few plants left over so will either try and use them in another part of the garden or will pass them onto friends. Even in a short few weeks this area has taken shape and hopefully, if the weather improves, the flowers will appear in the next few weeks. One of the new flowers I’ve planted here is Campanula which arrived in the post earlier in the week. It won’t be long before the Spring bulbs will be planted. I’ve brought with me the pots of daffodils and tulips from my old allotment. These will be removed from the pots and planted directly in this area when the time comes. Today I also planted three chrysanthemum plants I purchased from Halls of Heddon, they will flower in September.



In between all these tasks I found time to just sit in the Cabin for a cuppa tea and listen to the birds. It’s important to just stop and take a rest to enjoy the space you are creating. After tea I started laying patio slabs to make a path along one side of the flower border. The slabs are just laid onto bare soil. This will divide the flower border from the kitchen garden section.

The key to enjoying gardening is to do a little and do it often, with breaks for a cuppa tea.

I’m hoping to plant up the kitchen garden this week with a few plants I’ve collected. There is still just about time to get crops in which will harvest in Autumn as well as the overwintering crops for next Spring. Just hope the weather is on my side.

July 2021. Year 1.

That’s all for now. See you soon.

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