Following an Unexpected Trail

While heading to the local chemist I stumble upon a local arts trail weekend. While looking at the event I bump into some old faces from The Rusty Allotment. My videos are supported by people like you. If you enjoy them, please help me to make more by at

Artists featured in this video…

Details about the event

John Rogers: My Longest River Lea Walk – Leytonstone to Hertford (4K)

00:00 Welcome
01:28 Heading to Boots Chemist
02:58 Street Fate and heading to Kente
03:42 Sydenham Artists Trail
07:48 Paul Treacy
11:47 Local housing development
12:14 Lockdown road closure measures
13:42 Street side garden
14:33 Heading to the next venue
15:45 Strange street statue
16:02 Heading to Forest Hill School
16:45 Linda Litchfield
17:46 More local housing development
18:14 Local market garden
19:05 Land earmarked for development
19:38 Local for a new underground station?
20:11 UK style fire engine
20:27 Heading to the Sydenham Centre
21:00 Visiting the Sydenham Centre
21:35 Ky Lewis
22:39 Thanks for watching

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