Gardening Growing Guide for August

This is the month when more crops may be harvested and when further seed-sowings may be made to ensure a supply of vegetables next spring. All the winter greens should be planted this month, and should the weather be dry the roots may be puddled in. Hoeing, mulching and cultivating, spraying and the general care of crops are all necessary. Over the past few years August has been dominated by windy and wet days.

Globe Artichokes
– Cut the heads as soon as ready and use.

– If any plants have been put out as intercrops, the main crops should now be removed, and the ground between them forked over.

French Beans
– Harvest all the pods directly when they are ready, keep well watered.

Runner Beans
– Pick regularly. Water is necessary. Mulch the rows and syringe the plants in the evening.

Brussels Sprouts
– Remove yellowing leaves.

– Further sowings of Spring Cabbage may be made.

– Earthing-up should now commence.

– Go over the rows and bend or break a leaf over the curds as they come in to keep them clean and fresh. Water and give liquid manure if necessary.

– Keep the trenches well watered. Remove all side growths. Earth-up where early specimens are required.

Endive & Lettuce
– Further sowings may be made. Plants raised previously may be planted out in a similar border.

Onions (Autumn sown)
– These should now be harvested after they have ripened off on the ground. Further sowings should be made for the following season.

Salad Onions
– Make sowings for pulling green early next year.

– Make a sowing if the July one was not successful.

– Net rows where birds are troublesome. Hoe, mulch and water if necessary.

– Sow seeds freely.

– Harvest if not already harvested.

– Sowings may be made for winter cutting on raised beds.

– Make sowings for pulling during winter.

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