Gardening Growing Guide for December

In recent years December has been a very wet month, mostly producing floods the week before Christmas on low land throughout the United Kingdom.

The Winter Solstice takes place on December 22 and after this the length of daylight slowly starts to widen.

Due to the low temperatures there is a chance of overnight frost which can last for a few days which is good as it helps kills off any pests and diseases in the garden. Thoughts usually turn to DIY tasks and fixing structures, giving the shed a clean out. Generally getting ready for the return of Spring and the busier months in the garden.

Traditionally Boxing Day is when the show growers sow Onion seeds but this requires bottom heat and later in the Winter will require overhead lights. For the gardener just wanting to put food on the table the seeds will be sown in later months. It’s a good time to sort through the seed box and make a growing plan for the next year.

Sweet Peas. Sown October 27 (pictured on December 27) and kept on the outside bench.

If you plan to construct ‘no dig’ beds, now is a good time to start talking to local shops. They will be needed to get rid of cardboard boxes and these are ideal for ‘no dig’. Try bike shops, fridge outlets, anything that you think would be delivered in large boxes.

Christmas Day morning most people visit their allotments to collect the vegetables. If you do, spare a thought for the birds and put out some fresh bird seed and water.


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