Gardening Growing Guide for February

In recent years February is the coldest month of Winter and in a difficult year can be totally written off.

The seed potatoes usually arrive early February. Do not put these into a dark cupboard because this will produce long transparent shoots which will be too weak and break off when planting them. When they arrive open the bags and examine the seed potatoes, any that are soft or diseased, discard these into the compost bin. Place the seed potatoes into egg boxes with their ‘eyes’ facing upwards. These are little indents in the potatoes and will produce stumpy green growths if kept in a light, frost free location but if you put them on the windowsill be aware that during the night temperatures can dramatically drop and frost may harm the potatoes. These won’t be planted until March/April. They will be fine growing the stumpy shoots, this process is called ‘chitting potatoes’ and will give you an earlier harvest later in the year.

Apply Sulphate of Potash to the Garlic, this gives them all the nutrients it needs to grow. Watch Video – How to Grow Garlic

Tasks to do during February


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