Garlic: Plant Short, Harvest Long

There is a gardening tradition that says,

“Plant Garlic on the shortest day, harvest on the longest day.”

In this video I speak with Natasha Edwards of The Garlic Farm. We cover everything from choosing the right bulbs through to planting and harvesting. Unlike most gardening advice on this topic you’ll be surprised by how deep the garlic bulbs are planted on the farm.

Many thanks to The Garlic Farm

0:35 What is the difference between hard neck and soft neck garlic?
1:20 Which garlic do you use to make plaits?
1:35 When do you plant garlic? How deep do you plant garlic?
2:55 When do you feel garlic plants?
3:00 When do you harvest garlic bulbs?
3:55 When do you plant elephant garlic?
4:05 Why Elephant garlic is not actually garlic?
4:35 How to stop rust on garlic?
6:10 Does garlic need to be watered over winter?
7:03 Do you plant the full garlic bulb or each clove? and why you should plant garlic within 24 hours of breaking the cloves
8:50 Can you use supermarket bought garlic to grow in the garden?
10:25 Does garlic need full sun or shade? Can you grow garlic in the shade?
11:00 What is The Garlic Farm? Can you visit The Garlic Farm? Where is The Garlic Farm?
11:45 What is black garlic? Can you grow black garlic?

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