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Perfect varieties for autumn sown Broad Beans

Broad Beans can be planted at two points of the growing season, in the Spring and Autumn. The advantage of Autumn sown seed is a slightly earlier crop ahead of the Spring sown seed.

Seed is sow between October to the end of November and into December is you live in a mild area of the country. I’ve started mine indoors this year, this is more down to squirrels in the area than anything else. You can sow directly into the open ground.

I will sow another batch of seed in Spring which will give me a longer period of harvest. There are many varieties of seed but for Autumn sown you’ll need a variety which will put up with the harsh winter weather.

Suitable varieties for Autumn sowing are: Aquadulce, Bunyards Exhibition, Superaguadulce, The Sutton and Valenciana.

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