The Allotment Stores (Shop)

Some allotments sites offer the services of a site stores, also known as the Allotment Shop or Trading Shed.

A shop where gardening items are on sale at a reduced rate and in some instances even when the prices are the same as in the high street or out-of-town shops, consider the fact that it’s on your allotments site so you save time and transport money going to pick them up. It’s also a great way of supporting the allotment site.

These onsite stores are run by volunteers; usually they are closed during December but this depends on your particular site. Even if you are intending on purchasing anything, they are a great way of meeting up with other plot holders for a chat.

Some allotment sites run shops where members can buy items at a reduced price.

Can local residents purchase items?

Some sites offer memberships to local residents known as ‘Garden Members’. For as little as £2 a year residents can become a member and this allows them to purchase items from the site stores.

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