Getting a free greenhouse

Moved the greenhouse I saw on Facebook last week from the owners garden to my garden. Chris helped transport the glass which he will bring to the garden in a few days, only smashed 1 large panel of glass when dismantling it – hopefully nothing will break while its being transported and put back in.

The greenhouse is much larger than I though, 8’ x 6’, so am getting used to the size of it, but it will come in very handy when see sowing begins next year. Once the greenhouse is on its base and with the glass installed, I will asset the surrounding trees to see if any need to be thinned in order for more light to reach the greenhouse.

If my calculations are correct it will get morning sun which is what I would prefer as opposed to afternoon or all day sun. Morning sun will melt away any frost which may settle on it.

Thank you for your donation, it really does help produce new videos.

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