Heart Attack Scare

Quick update on life and health.

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  1. Alright Sean, those of us from Washington State would request that you knock off the heart attack scares please! I think I’ve mentioned it before but I have to lose a bit of weight as well and not really sure the best way to go about it. So many methods, diets, etc. Need to start with at least somewhat decent food and exercise which I am not doing either as much as I should. Good luck with it though!

  2. glad you’re ok and hope you don’t get the pain again.
    looking forward to seeing your video about the new garden.
    i have no hints and tips about losing weight unfortunately apart from making sure you eat your daily portion of fruit and vegetables – something i’m very bad about.
    i’m on the south coast in poole and the heat has been too much for me – like you i’m ok with 20 or even 21 at a push but it’s been 30 for the past few days and that’s way too hot.
    as i’m disabled (arthritis) i can no longer do my garden so i’m hoping my gardener will be here at the weekend to tame my back garden then when it’s cooler i can sit out under my umbrella and keep cool.

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