How to Grow Sweet Peas: Sowing Seeds

The joy of growing Sweet Peas is not only the scent they produce but also the copious amount of flowers it produces throughout the season.

When to Sow Sweet Peas?

Seeds can be sown either during the Autumn in October and November to be overwintered or from January to April.

Growing Tip

When the seedlings have developed four sets of leaves, remove the top growing tip, this is called ‘pinching out’. Doing this will encourage more side shoots to form resulting in a bushier plant and more flowers later in the year.

When to Plant Sweet Peas?

They are planted in their final growing positions during April, protect them with some gardening fleece against any frosts. When planting add some Vitax Q4 to the growing area, this will give them enough feed for the season. Space the plants 8in (20cm) apart when planting.

They can be grown up against bamboo canes in either a wigwam design or in straight lines or against a fence. As the flowers appear you can pick them for the house. Once you stop picking the flowers the plant will think it’s time to start producing seeds and will stop flowering. Continue to pick flowers and you’ll be rewarded with blooms throughout the year.

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