How to Store Apples by Freezing

It’s been a busy afternoon storing the cooking apples. I tend to freeze mine with a view of using them in pies, crumbles and smoothies over the following year. I’ve found that when I use them in cooking after thawing, they are much softer to eat. The technique I use is called “open freezing”.

Open Freezing

Put the apples into the sink and leave for a few moments so that any garden visitors have the opportunity to escape. After a while I fill the sink with cold water and squeeze the juice from a lemon into the water. This will stop the apples from turning brown until they are frozen.

Peel them and remove the core, then cut into whatever size slices you’ll need and place into the lemon infused water.

On a tray place tin foil and put the slices on top, making sure they don’t touch each other. Put a clean kitchen towel over the slices and gently pat them so any excess water is collected by the towel. Place the tray in the freezer.

20 minutes later remove the tray and place the individual slices into a freezer bag and return to the freezer. I tend to use mine throughout Winter and by mid-Spring they are all gone, just in time for my attention to be taken up with harvesting the rhubarb. Enjoy your apples and dream of warmer days.

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  1. Nice & concise!

    There’s an old fashioned apple tree down the street on a vacant lot that has borne a lot of apples that no one ever gathers of a variety unknown to me. I’m too embarrassed to ask the neighbors next to it who owns that tree and can I take some apples for my juicer. But that day is coming.

    I removed a Winesap tree from my own back yard many years ago because it dropped fruit that was messy and painful to walk over when mowing grass. Crush & Slip!! I guess that’s why apples belong in orchards not back yards. Those were the days when we had abundant bees – even my crab apples aren’t producing anymore. This bothers me.

    But I live in apple country (Wisconsin – USA) where there are orchards galore. And they have hives. There’s a pretty village called Gays Mills that I’ve visited all my life in lovely, hilly country that looks European! This blog post makes me want to jump in the car and go there right now lol

  2. I could have done with reading this earlier, we always have such a glut of apples we end up giving them to some friends for their pigs! I’ve not come across this slice and freeze trick before, I’ll have to try that next year 🙂 Lisa

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