Introducing the new garden

Welcome to my Greater London garden. I took on this piece of land in late June 2021 and over the coming year my plan is to document how I create it.

There will be areas for flowers, vegetables, fruit and herbs – all working in harmony with the local wildlife and especially the fox who lives behind the fence.

At the moment there are a few rose bushes, raspberries, two apple trees, pear, cherry and red currants plus a fig tree.

The land is surrounded by around 12 mature trees. Most gardeners would like their garden to be in full sunshine but I don’t really like those hot days which we sometimes get in the UK. So for me, a garden which gets sun throughout the day but is also part shaded, is the right solution.

In the morning light appears at one end of the garden and throughout the day travels over every aspect of the space until evening when it rests at the other end of the garden.

June 2021 – Year 1

I’ve collected quite a few items from my old allotment and will reuse them in this garden. My blue shed is coming with me, my black shed has been sold and my gravel path has been donated to a friend. The plan is to take as many plants as possible with me. I’m aware that this isn’t the right time of year to transplant but I’m up against a timescale so they will have to take their chance.

Through this blog I will be keeping a diary of my progress along with photographs and videos. Enter your email in the ‘Follow Blog via Email’ on the right hand side and you’ll be updated when new diary entries are available to read.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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