Sean James Cameron

Slow living in the mountains of Wales after 20+ years in London.

Building the Shed

I arrived on the land a little after 9am as the heat of the sun sadly faded and brisk cold snap flicked its way amongst the trees.

Erected 5 June 2024
Shed is finished!

It took an hour and a half to complete the shed. I still need to fix it to the floor and to re-screw one panel but I’ll need an extra pair of hands to help with that. Plus the felt needs to be put on the roof.

I’m pleased it is at last built. Just being inside felt warm and when complete it will be a pleasure to sit inside with a mug of tea watching life on the nearby river. This shed will only be relaxing, entertaining, refreshments and the occasional afternoon sleep.

Next to this shed my plan is to make a thinner shed with a door on each end and a central dividing wall. It will only need three side as I can use the side of the shed. One door will be to access the tools and the other door to gain access to a compost toilet – just a bucket.

Adjacent to this multi-use shed will be a greenhouse and at the moment I’m thinking of building my own.