Monthly Tour for June, Year 3

Time for a walk around the allotment garden to see how it has developed during June Year 3.

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June tour for last year

Wild Flower video from The Bald Explorer

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  1. Really good video Sean and it’s given me the idea to say I don’t want my plot to be perfect. Not been able to get on top of mine this year and almost given it up a few times so that will be my excuse! You are lucky having friends who may help. Don’t forget to sow yellow rattle in your wildflower area to weaken the grasses. Just an idea but because it was so dry and we had a lot of rain could that be why the clematis has flowered again. The roses have been lovely this year. Check out First Great Western, lovely colour and beautiful perfume.

  2. the climber over your mint is a campsis radicans

  3. Enjoyed the video and thank you for taking the time to do it. I like the addition of the fence and if it was mine I would paint it a light color but no hurry to do it. You have so much going on in the garden, I would be lost! I like the idea of the grasses, so many people just have flowers and veggies but there are so many different kind of beautiful grasses out there and will add to any area pot or plot.

  4. Lovely Video. and that bindweed is a pain in my garden too, so difficult to get rid of. Its so hot today but hopefully some rain and cooler weather on the way soon.

  5. Sean, ha, I never have to worry about a pristine garden. The time factor for gardening always keeps that in check. One of the reasons I like your videos is that it’s a real garden with real issues of weeds, foxes, slugs, and bugs. The weather here in Nebraska is supposed to be hot and humid but this year it’s quite nice with low humidity. I’m enjoying it while I can because I’m sure as summer continues the hot and humid weather will come on strong in July and August. I have my first little green tomato about the size of a marble so harvest is on the way. The sweet corn is about waist high and there’s one zucchini about the size of my thumb. Life is good in the gardens.

    Have a great early morning walk about in on the allotment.

    Nebraska Dave
    Urban Farmer

    • I’ve found sweetcorn to be quite slow this year and putting this down to the extreme heat we had in April and then lack of watering.

  6. I think a wildflower meadow is a great idea Sean, I have a small wildlife area and the blue cornflowers amongst the grasses is beautiful, I’ve had it for 2 seasons now and it looks different from month to month.

  7. Just enjoy being in nature. Flowers, veg and fruit are just a bonus. Heck with weeds and tidiness. Just let nature do it’s healing. Good for you.

  8. Looking great Sean, your channel is by far my favourite, because you show it as it is weeds and all , I always feel good about my efforts after watching you. Too many channels with pristine plots, racing to get the earliest harvest, can just be depressing. The charm of just letting nature do its thing , slugs, weeds and foxes as well, is what gardening is all about. Thank you, you have taught me loads, sometimes just sit and appreciate the colours and sounds of nature, very best wishes to you x

  9. I like the changes in the shape of your bed and as for not stressing about weeds and grass I have learnt to garden this way as a permaculturist that is how we garden often adding masses of different plants together to cover the soil That is how we get around the weeds. We eventually use the weeds as nourishment for our plants yes it sometimes looks untidy but every thing is returned to your garden soil with the exception of bind weeds and ground elder I leave them in the sun to dry or put them in black bags where the rot down.
    Early morning is a great start in the garden you get a lot done before the scorching sun is up. Thanks for the video.

  10. I can’t believe how much you have done. Makes me feel worn out just looking at it all!

  11. Yes its a good idea not to get too hung up about having pristine plot..I have a few ‘natural’ areas this year and I find that where there is wild area there is wildlife and I am so loath to destroy any habitats and let live I say.Funny enough its my fruit areas that are overrun with weeds and bindwee amongst them.
    You have some nice plants and ideas.

  12. Hi Sean et al. Please roll up the spare fruit cage netting. Small creatures can get stuck in it and die if you don’t see them. I’ve cut a grass snake out of this netting twice now and hope to vanish it soon. Tight it seems ok, loose is potentially deadly.

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