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Kitchen Garden magazine, November 2019

In the November issue of Kitchen Garden magazine I am featured in a 3-page spread, out October 3.

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  1. Lovely article! Well done, you! I have a question for you, please. I have watched you plant night scented stock several times and I’ve smelled that lovely flower myself when I lived in another climate. Now, I live in the New York area (zone 6). I’m trying to find seed for this fab flower. It know they are many quite different varieties— true annuals that bloom the first year, biennials (which won’t work in my cooler climate) and a perennial variety (which, again, won’t work in my climate).

    Would you be kind enough to forward the Latin name of the type you grow that flowers in the same season in which is direct sowed? Many thanks in advance, Tracy P.S. I do hope that if you find your depression returning that you’ll be bold enough to let me (us?) know. I’d love to offer you support during that time and know it can be very helpful. No one should have to suffer from depression —any illness, really— alone. Your vlogs have given me so much pleasure and I would like to remind you, especially during those difficult times, of the many gifts you’ve given me, why you’re such fun to watch, your skill as an editor, etc.

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