My Biodynamic Journal for March 2021

For those who have expressed an interest to grow along with me using biodynamic methods, here is my journal for what I’m planning to sow/plant over the coming weeks. Dates/times are for UK only. I will start sowing my flowers in April.

Recommended books:
Maria Thun Biodynamic Calendar
Biodynamic Gardening Book by Weleda

I’ve looked through my seed packets and picked out what I would like to start sowing this month. I’ve then divided them into their biodynamic groups…

Root Crops
Onions, Shallots (sets), Celeriac, Leeks, Parsnips, Potatoes.

Leaf Crops
Kohl Rabi, Spinach, Cabbage.

Fruit Crops
Broad Beans, Peas.

Flower Crops

Therefore this is my sowing and planting plan for March; these tasks will be done during the afternoon on these dates.

Thursday 18 March, Afternoon – Root
Potatoes will be planted during Apogee (The Moon’s orbit around Earth is elliptical. The point of the orbit closest to Earth is called perigee, while the point farthest from Earth is known as apogee. Apogee has far more beneficial effects on the earth than at Perigee)

Sunday 21 March, after 3pm – Root
Onions, Shallots (sets), Leeks, Parsnips and Celeriac (home windowsill).

Monday 22 March, from 7am until Tuesday 23 March, at 5pm – Flower

Wednesday 24 March, all Day – Leaf
Kohl Rabi, Spinach, Cabbage.

Thursday 25 March, from 8am until Saturday 27 March, until 7pm – Fruit
Broad Beans, Peas

Sunday 28 March – Full Moon.


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