New land, new garden, new blog

If you’ve been watching my YouTube videos recently you will know that I’ve given up my allotment. An opportunity arose to take on some land so I jumped at it.

Sean’s Garden is my new website charting the entire journey of taking this new land through to garden of flowers, fruit, herbs and vegetables.

When you visit the new blog (clickable link) you’ll find the ‘Follow Blog via Email’ section (pictured above). If you enter your email here you will receive an email when new updates are posted.

Videos may not start back until September but there will be regular updates, photos and little video snippets on the new blog – so join me on this new journey.

See you there. Thanks.

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  1. BrilliAnt, love new adventures xx
    Just enjoy the ride

  2. That’s awesome that you found some land! Congratulations and good luck with all. Looking forward to following your new journey.

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